Live Audio Cast Features

Overview of Live Audio Cast Features

Overview of Live Audio Cast Features

Live Audio Cast is podcast automation software for recording, hosting, publishing, editing and monetizing your podcasting content. Fully integrated tools provide a one-stop solution with flexible services and pricing options.

Our vision is to create a new kind of workflow for podcasters, and in doing so minimize the amount of time spend inside the podcasting process. Our goal is to create more space and time for you to be creative, for you to be able to really focus on your content. With more available time you will also be able to connect with your audience and serve them as a community, instead of being tied down in the technical process of podcasting.

The great thing about Live Audio Cast is that you still get to use all of your favourite gear and your favourite effects, and still get amazing quality audio, but in a fraction of the time.

What you get with Live Audio Cast (LAC)

  • In browser recording module. No more Garage band or Audacity. Record your voice online.
  • Local copy of recorded audio. Keep a copy of the audio so you can make easy edits if you need to.
  • Automated addition of your intro and outro. No other podcasting service is able to offer this feature. You upload you intro and outro mo3’s and the software automatically adds them to your podcast each time. You don’t need to spend hours editing anymore.
  • We take care of your hosting.
  • Automated social signals for your brand.
  • WordPress plugin that connects with your LAC account for automated posting.
  • You own webpage for your shows/podcasts.
  • Flash and HTLM5 Player.
  • Crystal clear stereo recording in 128 kbps and 44.1 khz. Record in wav and then your file gets transcoded to Mp3

Online Voice Recorder

It all starts with great audio


Live Audio Cast comes fully equipped with an online voice recorder. The recorder is built in flash and records is pristine 44.1 Khz and 128 kbps full stereo sound. As a part of your podcasting equipment and workflow, how you record your audio is very important. So we designed an amazing online recorder so you can rest assured your audio will always sound great.

We want to make it clear that you don’t have to use the flash recorder to use the other features in Live Audio Cast. You can still use garageband, Logic or Audacity to record your audio if you like that workflow, and then simply upload your mp3 file. You can then walk through the rest of the processes and add an intro and outro, hit publish and your done.

Local Copy Just In Case


When you use the flash recorder we have also built into the workflow a step where you save a local copy of the recorded audio for your purposes. This creates a backup should you need it, and also allows you to continue recording your podcast even if you make a mistake. After you have completed your podcast you can simply open the local audio backup…cut out the mistake…and then upload that newly edited file as your podcast. Simple. Easy. Safe.

Your Intro and Outro are Automatically Added

No more editing

Concatenation is the process Live Audio Cast uses to add your intro and outro to your main audio recording. So instead of spending all that time in an audio editor doing it yourself, you just simply select an intro and an outro from your previously uploaded files and Live Audio Cast creates a brand new podcast file for you with all three parts joined together. This new file is then ready for publishing.

Imagine the time you will save
by not having to go through this process every time you want to make a podcast. Now you can really focus that extra time on getting a really great podcast and engaging with your audience.

If you don’t need intro’s and outro’s
Like all the features in Live Audio Cast, we are building them with the podcaster in mind. We also appreciate that every podcaster has different workflows and outcomes. If you do not need the concatenation process you can simply bypass it in the software workflow.

Unlimited Hosting and Bandwidth With Every Account

Worry Free Hosting


One of the nightmares that many podcasters have to go through is figuring out their hosting…especially as their audience scales up. Live Audio Cast takes care of all your hosting and bandwidth needs. In fact they are unlimited with every account type. So now you can sit back and relax and not worry about your files and their access.

We use Amazon Web Services as our hosting provider, and as such you can also rest assured that your files are safe, secure and always ready for access. We also guarantee that should you ever decide to stop using Live Audio Cast we do not hold your files hostage. You can simply download all of your podcasts and move them to wherever your are migrating to.