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General Questions

We're not really a podcast hosting company. We are a podcast automation SAAS product. Part of our service is to provide hosting through each of our accounts...but it is not the reason we exist. We are not here to simply provide hosting and XML delivery. We have a vision to create an in the browser recording and publishing service that automates the podcasting process. You don't need audacity or garageband...you can record right in our software and then simply select from your previously uploaded intros and outros...add a title, show notes and hit publish. The software does the rest. In fact you don't need to worry about ID3 tags or any of the technical pieces...we do that for you.

Our recording is done in WAV and then encoded to Mp3. We use 44.1 kHz and 128 mbps in full stereo.

We have unlimited bandwidth and hosting for all account types.

The dictionary says that concatenation is the action of linking things together in a series. For users of Live Audio Cast it is at the heart of what the software does.

Well no longer. Live Audio Cast automates this process for you. All you have to do is simply upload your intro and outro in your account and then simply select them when you do a podcast. The software automatically adds the intro and outro on for you and then publishes the finished product.

As an added bonus you can upload as many intros and outros as you want, and then each time you podcast just select with one is right for that podcast.

Typically when you podcast you have to spend a number of hours editing your audio file to get it just right. This generally includes adding some kind of intro (usually pre-recorded) and some kind of outro (also generally pre-recorded). This means you need to get good at an audio editing program like garage band or audacity and spend the time working with the file to get it right.

Each Live Audio Cast account comes with a public page. On this page are all of your podcasts that you have published. This way if you don’t want to have an extra web site you can simply run your podcast through iTunes and you free Live Audio Cast public page.

Yes, and as an added bonus if you do decide to downgrade at any time the rest of the months time is added to your account.

Live Audio Cast uses time to differentiate between accounts and services. As you move up in account price you also move up in the allotted monthly time. If you need more podcasting time each month the upgrades we offer are simple and affordable.