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Live Audio Cast

Let your thoughts and voice be heard. Live Audio Cast is convenient, intuitive, and easy. Gone are the days of unnecessary software, equipment, and headaches. When you sign up with Live Audio Cast, you’ll watch your subscribers (and spare time) grow.

Live Audio Cast

Record Online in Real Time

Our in-browser recorder eliminates the need for additional recording software and hardware. We’ll take you from your words right to the Web. Not only that, but you can always download a copy of your recording for any last minute polishing if you feel the need to do so.

Live Audio Cast

Intro and Outro Automatically Added

Upload your podcast’s intro and outro once and never worry about them again. LAC will automatically incorporate the information with each new Podcast, creating a seamless finished sound file.

Live Audio Cast

Pristine Audio Handling

We refuse to sacrifice quality for convenience. That’s why all Live Audio Cast audio files are recorded in .WAV format then we encode your Mp3 files at 128kbps and 44.1kHz for top-notch sound quality.

Live Audio Cast

Host with the Most

All Live Audio Cast accounts include fast and UNLIMITED hosting and bandwidth. We’ve partnered with Amazon Web Services to keep your audio and your brand secure.

Live Audio Cast

Sharing Anytime. Anywhere.

Say what you want to say when and where you want to say it. Live Audio Cast provides you with iTunes-Ready feeds, WordPress and Twitter integration for for your convenience.

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